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Study Concept: Faith for Overcoming Obstacles

When we exercise with weights, the resistance strengthens our muscles and helps them grow. Similarly, the difficulties and challenges we encounter along the journey of life enable us to strengthen…

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Buddhist in America- Michelle Riofrio

Buddhist in America- Michelle Riofrio  

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Remaining a Lifelong Youth by Bessie Kay

Forty years ago, I started practicing Nichiren Buddhism. I was 50 years old at the time. I hadn’t experienced any dramatic suffering, but I was nonetheless plagued by basic questions…

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To My Friends

Let’s do gongyo and chant daimoku
with the powerful and resounding
rhythm of a galloping white horse!
Let’s manifest potent life force and
begin each day with vibrant momentum!

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SGI-USA Presents:“Buddhist in America-Hassan Manning"

Escaping the street violence of Newark, New Jersey and his oppressive religious upbringing, Hassan Manning moves to LA hopeful to become an actor. Just as his dream of acting begins to become a reality, he is pulled back to Newark by his mother’s passing and the difficult task of taking care of his 3 younger siblings. At his most difficult moment he meets SGI Buddhism and transforms his family, his acting career, and the challenging yet beautiful city that he loves.

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